Don’t Let Back Pain Slow You Down.

Our Comprehensive Spine Care Program Can Help.
Our Comprehensive Spine Care Program Can Help.

Doctors Community Hospital’s spine care program provides hope for people who suffer from lower back or spinal pain. With a wide range of services that include accurate diagnoses, advanced surgical

treatments and effective rehabilitation options, our experienced team has helped many people reduce or eliminate their pain.


We care for people who have:

+ Low back pain

+ Lumbar and cervical spinal stenosis

+ Scoliosis

+ Herniated discs

+ Kyphosis

+ Traumatic disorders

+ Degenerative disc disease

+ Sciatica

+ Compression fractures


In fact, our spine care program has:

+ Board-certified surgeons

+ Fellowship-trained spinal surgeons

+ Highly skilled physical therapists and physiatrist

+ Surgical options that often result in shorter hospital stays, smaller incisions and faster recovery

+ Non-surgical and conservative treatments including physical therapy and nerve blocks


In addition to three physical therapy offices, we have convenient locations in Bowie, Clinton and Lanham, Maryland.


Call us today to learn if our spine care program is right for you.

301-DCH-4YOU (301-324-4968)


Doctors Community Hospital

Comprehensive Orthopedic Program

8118 Good Luck Road

Lanham, Maryland 20706


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