Comment: “Some of These Prostitutes Are Just Teenage Kids”

Readers sound off on some of this week’s biggest stories.

“Some of the prostitutes are just teenage kids that needs to be took off the streets ASAP before their found dead..Howard County Police are doing a great job. I'm a taxpayer and I could care less what it cost me.” By Millie Honeycutt

Returning from War to Fight for Jobs” I spent 30 years in the US Army Reserves, and am currently a member of a reknown national veterans organization. That said, there is a type of military reservist sometimes referred to as a "career reservist." This is a person who seeks out and volunteers for every short term active duty tour he can, and expects his civilian employer to allow him to park his butt at the civilian workplace during intermissions of his military reserve career. The career reservist takes an abusive, "Oh, by the way, hold my job. I'll only be gone for four months this time, not six like the last time." The civilian employer is obligated to do just that. While a government employer can lose money this way, and a large corporation might be able to suck it up, this situation becomes problematic for a small business employer or one that operates on a small profit margin.” By Terry Griffith

Gourmet Burgers a Hit in Prince George's, But Nutrition Still a Concern “Z-Burger is this best gourmet burger place. Don't waste your time anywhere else. I've even tried Elevation burger's vegan burgers and they don't taste good at all. Z-Burger's vegetarian burger is the best by far!” By R


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