Power Restored in Historic Laurel

Power along sections of Montgomery Street is restored after Hurricane Irene.

Power has been restored to a section of Old Town Laurel that ha been without since Hurricane Irene struck the region last weekend.

Residents along the 300 block of Montgomery Street have been without electrical services since Saturday evening when a on power lines disrupting services.

Today, electrical trucks carrying workers from Tennessee and locally region descended in the area to repair down wires.

There have beens scattered power outages throughout the Laurel area since Sunday. In the Russett community, residents missed multiple deadlines during the week before the power came back on shortly after noon today.

Before Irene struck, BG&E officials  that as many as 500,000 customers in the state could loose power. As of Friday, the company said as many as 10,000 customers remain without power, down from more than 700,000 earlier in the week.

BG&E officials said outages in isolated areas could last until this Sunday.


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