What Is Laurel? County Councilwoman Mary Lehman Responds

With Laurel sitting just about everywhere in central Maryland, Patch is asking readers to define the community we all call home.

Four counties, five communities and one mayor make Laurel one of the most intriguing jurisdictions in the state. A debate has been stirring on Patch about how best to define an area with such diverse people, governments, neighborhoods and interests. 

Do you live in North Laurel? Maybe South or West Laurel? How about near Maryland City or Russett?  

Over the next few weeks, Laurel Patch is going to go straight to the experts—readers like YOU—to get some insight on exactly how to define Laurel, this unusual place where we work and live. What is Laurel, MD? Stick around and find out. It should be interesting.

Prince George's County Councilwoman, and West Laurel resident, Mary A. Lehman (D-Dist. 1) describes Laurel as a historical community that includes a diverse population of professional and working class residents.


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