Spicy and Spanish in Laurel

Patch shares another small, interesting store to buy ethnic food.

Open up to new and exciting markets. Experience the spicy and sassy food offered at a host of ethnic stores. Sure it may be unfamiliar territory, but with it comes discovery and fun. 

Laurel Spanish Market

3537 Laurel Fort Meade Road

Laurel, MD 20724


A great little store to find an array of ethnic foods awaits you. And it’s right in center Laurel. If you like peppers, they have an ample variety to satisfy your palate. The Laurel Spanish Market, located in a shopping center on Laurel Fort Meade Road, is a well-stocked store filled with a multitude of food items from Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.

Towards the back of the market you’ll find fresh vegetables, coconut bread, and meats such as chorizo – a Spanish pork sausage.

The store has many interesting items packed neatly on shelves up and down its narrow aisles. The market carries beans, rice and lots of spices to make new dishes or to add to traditional favorites.

Although the market is frequented by a heavy Hispanic clientele, many workers from the stores in the shopping strip, as well as other families throughout Laurel patronize the popular market.

Lucinda McCoy, who recently relocated to Laurel with her family from Brooklyn, New York, said she’s in the market at least three times a week.

“We just love this place. They have the kinds of spices that I could get easily on any corner in the city (New York). My family loves spicy food and when I heard about this place, well I just went crazy wild. My husband is happy because we can cook our favorite family meals. Even our kids love it hot and spicy,” she said.

One popular item is the tamales and corn which sits on the check out counter in container in the front of the store. They are great for a quick, light inexpensive lunch or snack.

The market is like a little department store selling a variety of calling cards, CDs, and household items. Michelle Lopez, who lives in a nearby apartment building, says the market is a convenience for area residents.

“For me, this place is a big necessity. I don’t drive and when you need to get something quick, like milk or aspirins, this is where I come. I’m from Puerto Rico, so this food is like home for me,” she said.

The staff is friendly but not all of them speak or understand  English. If you speak slowly or know a little Spanish, they will be extremely helpful.

Part of the fun in shopping here is the discovery of new and different foods. They offer a large staple of sauces, spices and snack foods, including el helado (ice cream).


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