Cup+Cake BLVD Launches New Name and New Concept

Cup+Cake BLVD (www.cupcakeblvd.com), formerly recognized as Cupcake BLVD to many, is proud to not only announce their new name, but their new concept, "Create+Take". The “Create+Take” program will launch on Tuesday, April 8th with the first reservations being offered starting on Thursday, April 10th.

Known for their delectable cupcakes, Cup+Cake BLVD has excelled in recent months with their gorgeous cake creations. The new "Create+Take" program will allow the public to be their own master decorator within the Cup+Cake BLVD bakery. Ranging in price from $30-$52 guests ages 6 and up will receive their choice of a half a dozen cupcakes or a three layer cake; 4 small bags of frosting or fondant; and decorating embellishments, including: sprinkles, glitter and more. Allowing 1-hour with purchase (more available, if needed), skilled assistants are found within the decorating space should someone need help creating their vision.

Angelette Aviles, owner and head baker explains this exciting addition as "a great way for all ages to express themselves, while having fun at the shop". Additionally, Aviles further explains the reasoning behind the name change to Cup+Cake BLVD; "our name has changed to include cake because there was so much confusion in recent months on what we do, and it's so much more than just cupcakes. We wanted to the public to have a full understanding and thought this was the perfect time to change, launching it in conjunction with our "Create+Take" program".

Cup+Cake BLVD will offer the "Create+Take" program Thursday- Sunday by appointment only, with three days notice to request flavors. 


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