Sturdy 60 gallon Rain Barrels w/ brass spigot (empty water or attach hose), screened top (helps keep mosquitos & debris out) & overflow valve. Food grade barrels, previously used for food only, not new, not reconditioned or glossy. Great for outdoors, harvesting & storing rain water!

Keep Maryland Beautiful, Go Green! Help the environment, repurpose plastic barrels, help keep them out of over-crowed land fills, conserve natural resources, collect "free" rain water, plants love it . . . no chlorine, no fluoride.

* 60 Gallon Rain Barrel  black color, $70

* 60 Gallon Dry Storage, great for dog food, animal feed, compost, etc. (w/o any hardware), black or 55 gal. terra cotta color, $45

Serious inquiries only. 

To place order please contact Ms. Kay @ naturally360@aol.com 


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