A Look at Household Income Levels in the Laurel Area

Median incomes range from $50,798 a year to $158,750.

The highest median income levels in the Laurel area are more than three times greater than the lowest, according to census tract data presented by the website Rich Blocks, Poor Blocks.

Using figures from the American Community Survey, the site displays income and rent levels for the approximately 74,000 census tracts across the country. The Laurel area—the City of Laurel, South Laurel, West Laurel, North Laurel, and Maryland City—is contained by 22 such tracts.

The highest median household income in the area—$158,750 a year—is that of 6068.05, one of five tracts comprising North Laurel.

Roughly speaking, 6068.05 covers the area between Columbia Pike/U.S. Route 29 and I-95 north of Rocky Gorge Reservoir. At the last census, it was home to 4,145 residents.

The lowest median income—$50,798—is that of tract 8002.09, which straddles the City of Laurel and South Laurel.

Tract 6068.05 falls south and west of Laurel-Bowie Road, north of Briarwood Drive, and east of the train tracks. In 2010, it was home to 4,001 residents.

The statewide middle range for Maryland—defined as the middle 20 percent of census tracts—runs from $63,062 to $79,478.

Find a rundown of Laurel-area incomes below plus a map in the image field above. For more information, visit Rich Blocks Poor Blocks.

Census Tract Median Income  Community County 7515 $68,131 Maryland City Anne Arundel 7405 $107,872
Maryland City/Russett Anne Arundel 6068.05 $158,750
North Laurel Howard 6068.06 $139,408 North Laurel Howard 6069.04 $79,222
North Laurel Howard 6069.06 $84,236 North Laurel Howard 6069.07 $61,042 North Laurel Howard 8002.03 $117,375 West Laurel Prince George's 8001.02 $57,241 Laurel Prince George's 8001.03 $59,375 Laurel Prince George's 8001.05 $79,286 Laurel Prince George's 8001.06 $84,327 Laurel Prince George's 8001.08 $89,356 Laurel Prince George's 8001.09 $62,994 Laurel Prince George's 8002.09 $50,798 Laurel/South Laurel Prince George's 8002.11 $52,540 Laurel/South Laurel Prince George's 8002.12 $97,804 Laurel/South Laurel Prince George's 8002.13 $76,715 Laurel/South Laurel Prince George's 8002.08 $89,356 South Laurel Prince George's 8002.10 $60,644 South Laurel Prince George's 8002.14 $60,843 South Laurel Prince George's 8002.15 $68,802 South Laurel Prince George's


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