Identity Revealed of Batman With Moving Violations

Police had previously not disclosed the masked man’s name.

The Batman caught by police recently near White Oak in Montgomery County has a name:

Lenny B. Robinson.

This is “new” news—as police didn’t unmask the superhero by revealing his name following the recent road encounter.

Washington Post Reporter Mike Rosenwald, who actually knows Batman, wrote Wednesday that the crusader in black is actually a Baltimore County businessman who visits children in hospitals to lift their spirits.

On the day he was pulled over in Montgomery County, his tags were in his car, and he was not ticketed, Rosenwald wrote.

Robinson’s black Lamborghini has gotten him noticed before.

Howard County residents may recall that in November 2011, Batman's muscle car got a flat tire in the area of Johns Hopkins Road. After police cleared the vehicle, Batman posed for a snapshot.

Rosenwald writes how Robinson’s highway adventures went viral, even being picked up recently by television's Anderson Cooper.

Are you surprised by Batman's identity? Let us know in the comments section.


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