Comment: ‘Gambling Casinos Attract People Who Enjoy Reckless Risks’

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“C'mon, people. They're going to recall every baby product if everyone continues to use them incorrectly and bring harm to a child.” -  

“Gambling casinos attract people who enjoy reckless risks. If we really want to increase the probability that crime will increase in Maryland, this is an excellent idea!!!” -   

“I think it is time we as a nation pay more attention to what is going in our mouths, and the mouths of our children. My youth was one of fast food and a seemingly endless stream of non-nutritional snacks. Not a lifestyle I choose to pass on to my children.”

“We are very fortunate in Carroll County to have deputy Sheriffs who are skilled law enforcement officers who are also sensitive to the rights of citizens, community-minded and brave on the behalf of law-abiding citizens on the road and in our neighborhoods. Congratulations to these fine officers who I'm sure will carry on Carroll County's fine tradition of community policing.” -


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