Comment: Original Savage Water Pipes Made of Elm Wood

Who knew? Howard County readers share wisdom, knowledge and opinions on Patch sites this week

Readers took their opinions to Howard County Patch sites this week, flocking most to stories about a , costs, and a cat adopted after .

"Lived in Savage for 23 years....and have seen that photo many times. Did you know that the “original” water pipes were made of elm wood? The county found them when they put in the modern pipes...I think it might be near the current post office. No more picket fences, and they widened the street back in the 1980s, which wiped out a lot of landmarks, and trees." - Ellen Waff

Howard County Executive Opposes Teacher Pension Shift "How about we focus on the real issue here, which [is how] overly generous pension plans for PUBLIC employees are bankrupting the state and they are ultimately unsustainable. Therefore the state is trying to push this off on the counties and the counties are in no position to fund it either …" — JB

Poll: Should Maryland Legalize Same-Sex Marriage? "Yes to same-sex marriage. Positive Effects: A portion of the U.S. population gains the same rights as everyone else. Negative Effects: None." — Brook

Dusty and Full of Love: Cat of the WeekWe adopted this cat today. Thanks for posting!”-  Matt M

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