Howard County Death Notices through May 24

Obituaries as listed by several funeral homes in Howard County.


Slack Funeral Home Pa (Ellicott City)

Kathryn Pennington passed away May 20.  She was 79.


Witzkes Harry H Family Funeral Home Incorporated (Ellicott City)

John Beckley passed away May 23. 

Theodore A. Bork passed away May 23. 

Doris M. Geppert passed away May 19.  She was 72.

Clarence Thomas Ferguson passed away May 18.  He was 88. 

William Prince passed away May 17.  He was 74.

William G. Volenick passed away May 16.  He was 81.

Eileen Bruns passed away May 16.  She was 87. 

Lillian M. D’Amico passed away May 16.  She was 84.

Jean Frances Clemens passed away May 15.  She was 89.


Witzke Funeral Homes Incorporated (Columbia)

Jerome Harrigan passed away May 22. He was 90.

William Daniel Wilkerson Jr. passed away May 22.  He was 90.

Mary Jean Harris passed away May 18. 

Charles Troxell Heron passed away May 17.  He was 93. 


Gary L. Kaufman Funeral Home at Meadowridge Memorial Park (Elkridge) 

John Patrick Callaway passed away on May 19. He was 68.  

Martha Ann Kosh passed away on May 20. She was 63.

Susan Eileen Jones passed away on May 19. She was 51.

Arthur "Bud" Cordell, Jr. passed away on May 18. He was 63.

Dorothy Emma Owens passed away on May 17. She was 91.

Louie A. Baerwolf passed away May 16. He was 91.

Dorothy Cheryl Bryan passed away May 11. She was 62.

Frank Hazzard May 25, 2012 at 07:25 PM
This was a very valuable service. Thank you.
Andrew Metcalf May 27, 2012 at 01:52 PM
Thanks, we plan on providing this on a weekly basis. Please email me if you'd like more information about our links to obituaries - andrew.metcalf@patch.com
Holden September 15, 2012 at 03:58 PM
searching for death notice on Leslie or Brett Banghart from Columbia MD


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