Comment: ‘Thank You Patty, for Loving Columbia’

Howard County readers weigh in on the news of the week.

Readers took their opinions to Howard County Patch sites this week, commenting most on posts about the , the wife of Columbia founder Jim Rouse, a , and a Howard High official .

Should Jack Johnson Receive His Pension? “This isn't a situation of him committing one minor crime. He committed several crimes and his wife as well. He is corrupt and should not be rewarded for his crimes. The loophole should be closed so any past and future compensation he is owed is immediately forfeit.” -IT Fed

Patty Rouse, Co-Founder of Enterprise and Wife of James Rouse, Dies At 85. “Thank you Patty for loving Columbia, for being at Jim's side at countless Columbia events, for co-founding The Enterprise Foundation and working tirelessly at Jim's side and in your own right to make it a better world for many people, for believing in the Columbia Archives and donating Jim Rouse's papers to this small institution. It is through that donation that I got to know Patty Rouse and to know her generous spirit, her work ethic, her kindness and devotion to keeping alive the memory of Jim and his work. I remember Patty fondly and respectfully.”  - Barbara Hurewitz Kellner

“Her work for the poor and disadvantaged was tireless. She was the queen of community outreach always striving to be as inclusive as humanly possible. She saved cocktail napkins from airlines and used them for serving beverages at home because "It seemed like a shame to waste them!" She was terrifyingly organized in a frenetic way and could dig back through filing cabinets, scrapbooks and boxes to find almost anything you requested. She will be missed.” - Steve Kelly-Judd

. "Anyone who votes to re-elect Siddiqui or Giles has not been paying attention. Listen to the community? Ha! Practice what you preach!" - Hammond Supporter

. “We don't need no education. We don't need no thought control, no dark sarcasm in the classroom. Hey, prosecutor, leave that teach alone.” -  Nonlinear 


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