City of Laurel Crime: Foot Chase Ends in Arrests, Shoplifting at Home Depot

A rundown of incidents from Feb. 16-20 provided by the Laurel Police Department.

The following is a rundown of reported crimes and police responses in the City of Laurel from Feb. 16-20, 2013. Incident details are provided by the Laurel Police Department. Arrests do not necessarily indicate convictions.


Calls for Service: 177 

DISORDERLY CONDUCT, 14100-BLK Baltimore Avenue 1:23 PM: A 41-year-old suspect was arrested for public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

SHOPLIFTER, 200-BLK Fort Meade Road, 6:47 PM: A female suspect was arrested for shoplifting from the Home Depot store.

OPEN ALCOHOL, 300-BLK Second Street, 12:49 AM: A 27-year-old suspect and a 25-year-old suspect were issued citations after consuming alcoholic beverages in public. 

DUI ARREST, 400-BLK Main Street, 2:51 AM: An officer pulled over a vehicle and after further investigation determined the driver was intoxicated. A 26-year-old suspect was arrested for driving under the influence.


Calls for Service: 135

TRESPASSING ARREST, 14000-BLK Oakpoint Drive, 12:25 PM: A 23-year-old man was arrested for trespassing on private property.

TRESPASSING/DRUG ARREST, 14800-BLK Baltimore Avenue, 1:27 PM: A juvenile was arrested at McDonalds for trespassing and possession of marijuana.

WARRANT ARREST, 400-BLK Main Street, 6:35 PM: A 35-year-old suspect was arrested during a traffic stop after it was discovered she had an open warrant out for her arrest.

DUI ARREST, 300-BLK Domer Avenue, 9:31 PM: An officer initiated a traffic stop and subsequent investigation learned that the driver was intoxicated. A 61-year-old suspect was arrested.

DOMESTIC ASSAULT ARREST, 800-BLK Eighth Street, 10:23 PM: A female victim called the police for an assault. The male suspect, 24 years old, was arrested for domestic assault.

DRUG ARRESTS, 14700-BLK Philip Court, 1:01 AM: Officers observed an occupied vehicle parked in the 14700 Blk of Philip Ct. A 23-year-old man and 24-year-old man both were arrested for Possession of CDS less than 10 Grams.


Calls for Service: 156

DUI ARREST, 800-BLK Washington Boulevard, 1:48 PM: An officer made a traffic stop on a vehicle and smelled phencyclidine (PCP) on the driver. A Drug Recognition Expert from University of Maryland Police responded to assist with the investigation. The driver, a 32-year-old suspect, was placed under arrest for driving under the influence of drugs.

DISORDERLY, 9800-BLK Fort Meade Road, 9:52 PM: Officers responded for a call of a man in the roadway disrupting traffic. A 48-year-old suspect was arrested for disorderly conduct.

TRESPASSING, 1000-BLK Eighth Street, 9:54 PM: A victim called to report a suspect banging on her door and refusing to leave. After investigating, a 45-year-old suspect was charged with burglary, trespassing, and possessing a concealed deadly weapon.

DRUG ARREST, 14200-BLK Westmeath Drive, 1:07 AM: Officers initiated a traffic stop and later found drugs in the vehicle. A 22-year-old suspect was arrested for marijuana under 10 grams and drug paraphernalia.

DRUG ARREST, 14700-BLK Baltimore Avenue, 2:08 AM: An officer located a suspicious person near several closed businesses. A 41-year-old suspect was arrested for an open warrant and charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance: not marijuana.


Calls for Service: 165

DOMESTIC ASSAULT ARREST, 100-blk Woodland Ct, 10:59 PM: Officers responded for a domestic disturbance call. Upon investigation, a 23-year-old female was arrested and charged with assault.


Calls for Service: 134

DRUG ARRESTS, Eighth St/West St, 12:32 PM: Officers responded to a call in this area. A citizen reported several subjects attempted to flag her down and sell her drugs. Officers arriving made contact with several subjects. One subject fled the area on foot and was subsequently caught after a brief foot chase. Two male suspects—one 25 and one 35—were both arrested and charged with drug offenses. The latter was also found to have an active warrant through Howard County Police.

DUI / DRUG ARREST, Van Dusen Rd / Arbory Ct, 2:34 AM: Officers initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle. Through investigation, a 24-year-old suspect was arrested and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, and possession of narcotics, cocaine.

Shaka Zulu February 25, 2013 at 06:38 PM
great job once again by the police, keep up the great work and keep locking them up as much as possible, we know the judges just keep letting them out but we do appreciate the hard work you officers do, wish the parent of most these criminals would have at least tried to raise their children to be good citizens but we all know better than that.


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