Multiple People Injured at Prince George's County Fair

The county fire department confirmed the injuries at Upper Marlboro's Show Place Arena.

About a dozen people were injured trying to exit a building at the Prince George's County Fair before Saturday's severe storms.

A post on the Twitter account for the National Weather Service indicated about 12 people were hurt trying to exit the Show Place Arena in Upper Marlboro. The arena is hosting the Prince George's County Fair.

Prince George's County Fire Department public information officer Mark Brady posted a tweet that indicated there were "numerous" injuries.

No further details on the incident were immediately available. 

for the Washington, DC region with isolated tornadoes in Prince George's County possible, the National Weather Service said. 

The Twitter account for the Prince George's Office of Emergency Operations indicated 10,000 BGE customers and 27,000 Pepco customers were without power. 

Pepco and BGE in Prince George's and Montgomery counties. 

Stay with Patch for updates.

Tough Love September 13, 2012 at 05:07 AM
Bunch of dummies. DC/MD people are already infamously rude and self-centered, now they don't know how to handle a situation without risking the safety of others.
Native Son September 15, 2012 at 01:20 AM
Dear Tough Love, Go piss up a rope you transient bitch. Rude enough for you? Hugs and Kisses, DC Native


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