Surveillance Footage: Watch Truck Ram Channel 2 News Building

The video shows a man trying to get into the Towson-based TV station's lobby, then forging his own way inside.

(Credit: Screenshot from YouTube video by ABC 2/WMAR)
(Credit: Screenshot from YouTube video by ABC 2/WMAR)
After a man was denied access to the ABC 2 News studio in Towson Tuesday afternoon, he found an alternate way of getting inside—using a stolen truck, police said.

This surveillance footage from ABC 2 shows the man, who police have identified as Vladimir Mehul Baptiste, 28, of Parkville, making his own entry into the building housing the TV studio on York Road.

Police said Baptiste has been charged with multiple offenses, including attempted murder and burglary, and was being held Wednesday at the Baltimore County Detention Center without bail.

Other videos have since surfaced from the event that led to the charges, on Vine and YouTube, showing the crash from different angles.

Nobody was injured in the incident, which Christian Schaffer of ABC 2 said was "a miracle."



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