College Park Shooter Dayvon Maurice Green: What We Know

Sources described a likable engineering student with a strong academic record—and a mental illness.

On Tuesday afternoon, Prince George's County police identified the alleged shooter from an early morning murder-suicide in College Park as 23-year-old Dayvon Maurice Green.

According to police, Green was an engineering graduate student at the University of Maryland. Speaking to reporters outside the scene of the shooting, UMD President Wallace Loh said he believed Green had been at the university for about a year.

Green earned his undergraduate degree from Morgan State University in Baltimore, officials said. The Baltimore Sun reports that he was a member of Phi Beta Sigma's Gamma chapter and maintained a grade point average above 3.5.

Green also participated in the NASA Student Ambassador program and worked at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt.

In a profile from his internship, Green described his area of research interest as "quality control and reliability studies including the reliability of robotic satellite servicing missions for commercial and military communications spacecraft."

Two professors who worked with Green told Capital News Service that the shooting came a shock given what they knew of him.

“I have never seen any streaks of unusual behavior from him. He worked with a team and everyone was happy with his work,” said Madhumi Mitra, an associate professor in the Department of Natural Science at University of Maryland Eastern Shore.

Julie Parker, a spokeswoman for the PGPD, said that Green's family told investigators he had been suffering from a mental illness for at least a year at the time of the shooting. He had been prescribed medication for that illness, she added.

According to UMD officials, Green was not treated at the university during his time as a student.

Green was found dead Tuesday in the backyard of the home at 8706 36th Ave. in College Park, where he reportedly turned a 9mm handgun on himself after shooting two of his roommates.

One—22-year-old UMD undergraduate Stephen Alex Rane—was pronounced dead at a hospital. The other, also a 22-year-old undergraduate, suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

Police said they also located additional weapons in Green's possession, including a baseball bat, a machete, and a .22-caliber semiautomatic pistol.

Patch will have more information as it becomes available.

mturren63 February 13, 2013 at 03:41 PM
I truly believe that all college students should be required to take a mental examination before acceptance to college. Those that have mental problems should be required to undergo some type of treatment and be monitored. It would be a good idea that it be know that by his/her peers that s/he has a mental problem so that they are at least aware of it.
Donald James February 13, 2013 at 05:24 PM
This was a tragedy, but mandating that everyone disclose their mental illness is not the answer. What will that accomplish? Will they not be allowed into college because they have a mental illness? Most people with mental illnesses are not killers. This would be a a serious privacy issue. With that logic, everyone who is employed at the university should also be given evaluations. In light of Columbine and other tragedy's, that would mean every high school student before they are allowed to enter high school should also be evaluated. Where would the line be drawn?
V Umbarger February 14, 2013 at 04:11 AM
I was close with Dayvon for some time in high school. Something with this whole situation does not make sense. He was always the jokester... I've never seen him mad. He always smiled... And I loved his smile. It was genuine. I pray for all families involved. But I hope the police really dig into this one. This isn't like Dayvon at all. I hope justice is served correctly.
Rick Hudson February 14, 2013 at 05:00 PM
That is the same question gun owners are asking... Most will never do anything wrong, but their rights are going to be limited by a very few people (and a larger number of criminals, but still a very small minority in the overall scheme of things). But any gun owner who says that is generally made out to be a gun nut who has no sympathy for the victims of gun violence... Just a thought.
patricia February 18, 2013 at 06:31 PM
But mandating that everyone disclose their mental illness is not the answer? Oh, but mandating new gun control laws is the answer. It's funny how when someone commits murder in this way , their privacy was more important than someone's right to carry a gun or defend themselves against a mentally unstable person, who in most cases, someone they lived with or worked with or went to school with, knew they weren't playing with a full deck, but chose to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear. Because God forbid we hurt someone's little feelers by addressing what is right there in your face. It has become politically incorrect to speak the truth anymore, about anything. Lets go after the drugs they are being prescribed to help them combat their mental problems, and the so called doctors who are prescribing them. This man set a fire to draw them out, them shot them down, and you want us to believe he was the victim.


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