County Council Approves Retail for Solo Cup

The Baltimore County Council voted to rezone the vacant Solo Cup plant in Owings Mills from manufacturing to retail, a move that helps pave the way for Wegmans-anchored center Foundry Row.

The Baltimore County Council voted to in Owings Mills from manufacturing to retail. The vote helps pave the way for Foundry Row, a Wegmans-anchored retail and office center that was dependent on the rezoning to be built at the vacant plant on Reisterstown Road.

The vote comes after months of debate between developers, special interest and community groups and council members.

Developer Greenberg Gibbons plans to build a that would be anchored by Wegmans, and house a national fitness center, a national sporting goods retailer, a national shoe retailer and 40,000 square feet of office space. CEO Brian Gibbons hopes to open the center, called Foundry Row, by spring 2015.

"What the council did was [they were] able to rise above all this nonsense that was being put out there by two of the developers that we all know was behind [the opposition]," Gibbons said. "We're very excited about it."

Foundry Row was the subject of during the summer. Developers behind two other Owings Mills projects have , citing traffic congestion and an overabundance of retail among their concerns. A group called the Say No To Solo Coalition has tried to drum up community opposition with a petition, online campaign and other efforts.

Shirley Supik, leader of the Say No To Solo Coalition, said she plans to bring the issue to referendum.

"According to six of the people that sat up there, none of them gave a damn about what the people have to say," Supik said. "There was only one up there who gave a damn, and that’s Ken Oliver."

Karri Vaughn September 04, 2012 at 03:16 PM
We just recently moved to the area so my understanding of this entire situation is limited. After reading several articles and the comments here, I figured I could at least comment on the Owings Mills shopping situation from an essential outside party. It is easy to do so because it is relatively nonexistent. When we made our decision to move to this area, we thought it was a good choice. The area appeared to have more shopping then we had back home while still sitting comfortably outside of the city setting. It only took me 1 week to realize our assumption was incorrect. I know drive 30 minutes away for a decent grocery store. I have walked out of local businesses on 4 occasions because of the service. It seems that I am spending most of my money in other cities or counties. I may not be totally knowlegable on this subject but I do know enough to know there is a problem. We really like this area and the people and would like to stay so I hope this is a move in the right direction for Owings Mills.
Chuck Burton September 04, 2012 at 04:44 PM
Karri, you have stated the problem very well, and, though I find good service at Trader Joe in Pikesville, and fair at the Cherryvale Giant and low prices for basics at Aldi, I can hardly wait til Wegmans moves in. Then the other stores will either shape up or die. As for other things, at my age (80s) I don't need a lot, but mostly buy on-line. But younger people and families in the area are really hurting for better shopping, and my hope is that Wegmans will lure some of that into Owings Mills, and also into District 4 (Listening, Mr. Oliver?)
KW September 06, 2012 at 04:20 PM
The two negatives I keep hearing regarding Foundry Row are (1) traffic and (2) it will hurt existing businesses. Personally, I think that what Wegmans will bring to this community is worth some extra traffic. That said, I believe that the developers will mitigate any potential traffic negatives, so traffic/getting to the store doesn't impact Wegmans' customer service-oriented image. But, I don't completely understand the business closure argument. I can understand that Wegmans will affect Safeway and Giant, but what small mom-and-pops will be affected by Foundry Row? Much of the retail space will be taken up by the sports retailer (something like Dicks, I assume), the gym, and the national shoe retailer (DSW?). We can use all of those, IMO. I don't think any of them should significantly impact other area businesses. So, is it just the anticipation of the other stores that has people worried? Looking at Hunt Valley, I can think of many stores that could do well at Foundry Row, and not significantly affect other area businesses.
Cher Vail September 26, 2012 at 06:49 PM
Ownings Mills Mall The mall is in a great location and is very accessible by the Metro and bus lines, why it doesn't use this to it's advantage is beyond me. I do agree with the older posting of not having the movie theatre attached to the mall. In recent months the Solo plant (just around the corner) has closed and is now going to be torn down and will boast new stores with a vintage look; Wegman's will be one of the major anchors. The Owings Mills Mall more than likely made no effort to try to entice a company like Wegman's or Whole Foods or Cost Plus World Market into the mall as well as other stores of diversity into it's location. Even if they were to try to support an "Outdoor Market" feeling before the new shopping center is to open they might have a chance. "The Ownings Mills Mall; A trip around the World" (copy-write) in one location. Cheri Vail Pikesville, Maryland
Chuck Burton September 26, 2012 at 07:40 PM
The Mall is NOT in a "great location". It is hidden away from everywhere except Red Run Blvd, and even there is hard to notice. The old walkway from the Metro to the Mall was closed because people were being robbed, assaulted and (I seem to recall) killed en route. Maybe people will be able to safely walk through Metro Centre and along the new roadway connecting to the Mall, but that remains to be seen. A police presence would certainly help. It's a shame the street and terrain layout prevents the new Foundry Row from being tied in with Metro Centre and the Mall, which would give Owings Mills a real center, but that's how it is. Is Cheri Vail somehow related to the Cherryvale shopping center?


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