New Traffic Law Takes Effect This Week

City of Laurel urges drivers to be aware of new law.

Officials in the City of Laurel want residents to be aware of a new traffic law, going into effect today, that requires drivers to be more cautious of pedestrians and other vehicles when approaching a malfunctioning traffic light.

Drivers throughout Maryland are now required to make a full stop at a marked stop line when approaching an intersection with a non-functioning traffic light. Drivers also are required to stop before entering a crosswalk, yield to any vehicle or pedestrian inside of the intersection, and remain stopped until safe to enter the intersection.

Violations of the new law carry a fine of $90 and two points if the offense does not contribute to an accident.  If the violation contributes to a crash, the fine is $130 and three points.

Joshua Garner October 02, 2012 at 07:13 PM
Has anyone been following the new law? This is just one of several new traffic light laws taking effect this week.


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