Local House, Senate Primary Results

Minute-by-minute updates as election returns for Maryland Senate, 8th, 5th and 4th congressional districts.

For candidates running for Prince George's County's congressional delegation, Tuesday night was a good night to be an incumbent. 

Democratic incumbents Donna Edwards, Steny Hoyer and Chris Van Hollen, representing Marylands 4th, 5th and 8th congressional districts, all handily won their primary elections with commanding results. 

By 11:30 p.m. Edwards had secured 92 percent of the vote, far ahead of runner up George McDermott's 5 percent. 

Charles Shepherd bested three other republican's running for Rep. Edwards' 4th district seat in the primary, securing 60 percent of the vote.

Rep. Steny Hoyer trounced his primary opponent Cathy Johnson Pendleton, securing 84 percent of the vote. 

Facing Hoyer in the general election this November will be Tony O'Donnell, who secured 74 percent of the votes in the 5th congressional district's Republican primary.

Up in the 8th congressional district, incumbent Democratic Rep. Chris Van Hollen holds a commanding 91 percent lead over his sole primary opponent George English. 

Van Hollen will likely go on to face Republican Ken Timmerman, who is holding onto a 10-point lead, securing 45 percent of the vote to Dave Wallace's 35 percent. 

The crowded Democratic Senate primary appears to decided, with Sen. Ben Cardin holding a commanding 73 percent of the vote in a nine candidate field. 

Republican Daniel John Bongino now holds the leade with 33 percent, while Richard Douglas has 28 percent of the vote among 10 candidates seeking the Republican nomination to face Cardin in the general election. 

Last update of charts at 11:35 p.m.  

Congressional District 04 Name Party Votes Percentage Donna F. Edwards Democratic 33077 91.90% Ian Garner Democratic 1101 3.10% George McDermott Democratic 1813 5.00% Name Party Votes Percentage Randy Gearhart Republican 2252 19.70% Greg Holmes Republican 1085 9.50% Faith M. Loudon Republican 6940 60.90% Charles Shepherd Republican 1127 9.90% Congressional District 05 Name Party Votes Percentage Steny H. Hoyer Democratic 31320 84.80% Cathy Johnson Pendleton Democratic 5635 15.20% Name Party Votes Percentage David Hill Republican 2967 13.90% Glenn Morton Republican 2516 11.80% Tony O'Donnell Republican 15876 74.30% Congressional District 08 Name Party Votes Percentage George English Democratic 2167 8.80% Chris Van Hollen Democratic 22542 91.20% Name Party Votes Percentage Gus Alzona Republican 1938 8.30% Shelly Skolnick Republican 2776 11.90% Ken Timmerman Republican 10653 45.50% Dave Wallace Republican 8043 34.40% U.S. Senator Name Party Votes Percentage Raymond Levi Blagmon Democratic 4804 1.80% Ben Cardin Democratic 196831 74% J. P. Cusick Democratic 4156 1.60% Chris Garner Democratic 7839 3.00% Ralph Jaffe Democratic 2740 1.00% C. Anthony Muse Democratic 40973 15.40% Blaine Taylor Democratic 3791 1.40% Ed Tinus Democratic 913 0.30% Lih Young Democratic 3298 1.20% Name Party Votes Percentage Joseph Alexander Republican 16134 9.00% Daniel John Bongino Republican 59414 33.30% Robert "BRO" Broadus Republican 9385 5% William Thomas Capps, Jr. Republican 6113 3.40% Richard J. Douglas Republican 51132 28.60% Rick Hoover Republican 9416 5.30% David Jones Republican 7421 4.20% John B. Kimble Republican 9104 5.10%


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