Smalls Focused on 'Being the Best Council Member I Can'

'Eleven years later, here I still sit,' the Laurel City Council President tells the Baltimore Sun.

The Baltimore Sun has an in-depth profile out of Laurel City Council President Fred Smalls, who was elected to the post in November.

The piece details the longtime council member's professional and civic roles, as well as his hope for improving communication with constituents and encouraging economic development in Laurel.

"I'm focused right now on being the best council member I can, and doing the best job as president I can," Smalls told the paper.

Smalls also left the door open to a bid for executive office, saying that while Craig Moe is a good mayor, he might be interested in the role should Moe choose not to run in the future.

Read the full story here.

John S February 26, 2013 at 10:34 PM
http://www.baltimoresun.com/explore/howard/news/community/ph-ll-citybriefs-task-0228-20130226,0,3387999.story Hot off the press is the Laurel Leader February 26, 2013 story linked to above on the LBGC FORTF. Excerpt The resolution calls for the task force to be made up of representatives from the club, the business community, city residents and a financial expert. With the amendment made Monday, four members of the task force will be appointed by the mayor, four appointed by the City Council, two will be members of the Boys and Girls Club and at least one will be a member of the club's board of directors. Boys and Girls Club President Levet Brown and one member from the Laurel Parks and Recreation Citizen Advisory Committee will serve ex-officio as non-voting members. End excerpt Linked to below is the story about Princeton Day Academy students and LBGC living space type issues: http://www.baltimoresun.com/explore/howard/news/community/ph-ll-princeton-day-0221-20130215,0,6721240.story "... the other two are 19-year-olds from Lithuania who had previously lived in a house Princeton Day Academy rented, but are now living in Brown's Laurel home until they return to Lithuania in March. "
John S March 01, 2013 at 11:37 AM
http://conexshuns.blogspot.com/2006/03/frederick-smalls-candidate-for-ward-ii.html Linked to above is The Honorable Fred Smalls's candidate profile for the March 2006 Laurel city elections. It references Laurel Boys and Girls Club service but does not give a timeframe. Background: I began my sometimes "arrogant" Laurel political analysis circa March 14, 2006 when I received an email from within the email system then controlled by the federal government entity Internal Revenue Service (IRS). It came from a "senior manager" whose position was aligned within the federal statistical agency Statistics Of Income (SOI). I was first "detailed" to the entity Statistics Of Income beginning October 23, 1997, a Thursday. I recall being told by a first line supervisor, "Mike Leszcz would like to see you in his office. Do you know where his office is located?" It was in the 500 North Capitol Street NW building about a block and a half from Union Station and less than a mile from the Capitol building. The email I received in the early to mid March 2006 timeframe, again from a "senior manager" within the IRS (Microsoft) email system. With "subject title FYI", it contained a link to the Laurel Leader (mywebpal link) Roundtable Discussion between then former "not Interim" Mayor Leszcz and Ward 2 resident/at large Council Candidate Monique Holland. Ms. Holland is referenced in the September 2005 Gazette story linked to in my February 26, 2013 (10:20 am) comment above .
John S March 01, 2013 at 12:04 PM
Grammar correction: The first sentence in the last paragraph above should read: "The email I received in the early to mid March 2006 timeframe, again, CAME from a "senior manager" within the IRS (Microsoft) email system." I was chopping up some text to prevent a "run on" type sentence, then inadvertently left out an important verb. The expression "Microsoft" is important because at the time of the October 23, 1997 detail, the Statistics of Income email system utilized a different software, maybe something like "Wordperfect", I vaguely recall. It was an obscure software vendor but my point is that IRS had not begun its "Information Systems" consolidation type "overhaul" in October 1997. My "position" (throughout calendar year 1997) was in an IRS bureucratic entity called "Information Systems (IS)". The detail to the federal statistical agency happened because of a hostile environment in my post of duty in Martinsburg, WV. In Martinsburg, I made foolish and clearly inappropriate remarks because I wanted attention drawn to my "impossible to manage" workload. The "fun" of my story seems to start on October 28, 1997 when I had my first "strange encounter" with then Program Operations Officer (POO) Mike Leszcz. Addendum: I like that word "arrogant" in that "rogue" seems to be its "relative", at least when recalling these "encounters" with then POO Leszcz.
John S March 04, 2013 at 01:34 PM
Correction: By 1996 we started using a software control "procedure" package called Endevor. So IRS was indeed beginning work towards maintaining/consolidating software at that point. Endevor was CRITICAL for software security. My programs accessed IRS master file data, but did not "change" or process information on returns from a taxpayer point of view, i.e. my programs only analyzed data and produced files/reports for the organization I came to realize was a federal statistical agency Statistics Of Income (SOI). I am using Fred Smalls's profile story since he was referenced in my first email to Mike Sarich dated September 12, 2006. I had asked Mike Leszcz about the Leader Roundtable discussion. I suggested that he needed to control the Council meeting by cutting individual citizens' time short when he offered to meet privately with them. I think he agreed that was the basis for that issue. He did say that Ms. Holland insisted she wanted him "on the record" when explaining why a private meeting wasn't feasible for her. Now THAT was intriguing.
John S March 07, 2013 at 01:00 PM
In March 2002, Craig Moe was elected Mayor of Laurel to serve his first term. Mike Leszcz was elected to the at large seat at the same time. Fred Smalls and Mike Sarich were elected for the Ward 2 seats (first terms). Now back to my own agenda story: On April 17, 2002 I sent an email to the Director of the federal statistical agency Statistics of Income, Thomas B. Petska. The title of my email, as I recall, was "Current hostile environment status". It included the Director of the organization whose symbols then were "RAS", Mark Mazur, as "cc". Mr. Mazur was the "superior" to Mr. Petska, in other words. Below is a link to the American Statistical Association (ASA) publication Amstat News. It features a profile on former federal statistical agency Statistics of Income Director Doctor Fritz Scheuren. He praises Mike Leszcz and Tom Petska in this profile. See link below: http://magazine.amstat.org/blog/2011/09/01/scheuren/ What has always been noteworthy to me is that Mike Leszcz was not elected to the Laurel Council until 1996, AFTER Doctor Scheuren left. My opinion has always been that things fell apart for me in Information Systems after he (Fritz) left, but that is too lengthy a "story" for my Patch comments. The essence of my opinion is built on a sincere belief that Dr. Fritz Scheuren believed in managerial accountablility at all levels. By September 13, 2006 an IRS executive, Carl Froehlich, would see something Mike Sarich wrote in reply to me.


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