How Does Your Rent Stack Up Against the Laurel Area?

Median rents nearby range from $857 a month to $1,620.

Curious how your rent compares to others in the Laurel area? The website Rich Blocks, Poor Blocks makes it easy to find out.

Using data from the American Community Survey, the site displays median rent and income figures by census tract.

The Laurel area—the City of Laurel, South Laurel, West Laurel, North Laurel, and Maryland City—is contained by 22 different tracts.

The highest median monthly rent in the area—$1,620—can be found in tract 7405, which includes Russett and part of Maryland City.

The lowest—$857—is in tract 8002.03, which covers West Laurel. (Note that the figures do not include owner-occupied homes.)

The statewide middle range for Maryland—defined as the middle 20 percent of census tracts—runs from $877 to $1,072. Most median rents in the Laurel area fall above that range.

Find a rundown of Laurel-area rents below plus a map in the image field above. For more information, visit Rich Blocks Poor Blocks.

Census Tract Median Rent  Community County 7515 $1,309 Maryland City Anne Arundel 7405 $1,620 Maryland City/Russett Anne Arundel 6068.05 $1,429 North Laurel Howard 6068.06 $1,441 North Laurel Howard 6069.04 $1,261 North Laurel Howard 6069.06 $1,226 North Laurel Howard 6069.07 $1,266 North Laurel Howard 8002.03 $857 West Laurel Prince George's 8001.02 $872 Laurel Prince George's 8001.03 $1,103 Laurel Prince George's 8001.05 $1,134 Laurel Prince George's 8001.06 $1,433 Laurel Prince George's 8001.08 $1,205 Laurel Prince George's 8001.09 $966 Laurel Prince George's 8002.09 $1,080 Laurel/South Laurel Prince George's 8002.11 $1,127 Laurel/South Laurel Prince George's 8002.12 $1,193 Laurel/South Laurel Prince George's 8002.13 $1,284 Laurel/South Laurel Prince George's 8002.08 $1,288 South Laurel Prince George's 8002.10 $1,117 South Laurel Prince George's 8002.14 $1,106 South Laurel Prince George's 8002.15 $1,061 South Laurel Prince George's


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