Developer Plans 37-Home Subdivision in North Laurel

The project would dovetail with a second housing complex slated for nearby, according to developer Joseph Rutter.

North Laurel may be home to some new families soon, if one developer's plans are realized.

Joseph Rutter of Land Design and Development Inc. has put forward a proposal for the 10-acre Marcellino property, located south of High Ridge Road and east of Riverhill Road.

A presubmission community meeting was held earlier this month, the Baltimore Sun reports, where Rutter outlined his blueprint for 22 single-family detached homes and 15 townhouses.

Rutter said construction would begin “maybe the fall of 2014 or spring of 2015,” according to the paper.

The project is dependent on the creation of a two-lane public road, which would be built in conjunction with Deer Springs, a second Rutter development planned along High Ridge Road. The Marcellino property is currently only accessible by Riverhill, which is a private dirt road.

The Deer Springs proposal calls for 137 homes on 38 acres of land and is expected to break ground about a year from now, Rutter told the Sun.


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