New Superintendent to Create Accountability Office for School System

Renee Foose establishing environment of transparency, efficiency in Howard County.

Transparency is one of the first orders of business Renee Foose, 45, is addressing as she settles in as the new superintendent of the Howard County Public School System.

To gain what she called a “higher level of accountability” and a “higher level of service to schools,” according to the Howard County Times, Foose is creating the office of accountability within the school system.

Through Aug. 2, the school system is seeking applicants for its new position of Chief Accountability Officer.

The officer will produce an annual accountability report and oversee applied research, program evaluation, student assessment, internal auditing operations and technology operations and support, according to the job description. The salary range is $105,536 to $192,548.

Brian Meshkin, a school board member who said he made a pitch for the position’s creation at a board meeting in 2011, wrote this week on his blog: “I’ve said many times, you cannot manage what you cannot measure. And in creating this new position and the associated re-organization, she's cutting headcount and payroll in Central Office. Doing more and spending less.  I continue to be so very impressed with our new superintendent.”

As Meshkin noted, Foose plans to shuffle staff positions, in addition to adding the accountability officer, to make the system more efficient.

Personnel adjustments will save the school system $20,000 annually, Foose told the Howard County Times, which reported the following shifts:

  • Accountability office created, staffed by chief accountability officer and coordinator for continuous improvement
  • Communications department consolidated to include print and TV in addition to public information.
  • Student services and special education departments to merge.

Foose comes to the Howard County Public School System after serving as deputy superintendent for Baltimore County schools and assistant superintendent in Montgomery County schools. The former has a department of research, accountability and assessment; the latter has an office of shared accountability.

In her entry plan outlining priorities for her first 90 days, Foose wrote: "The Howard County Public School System is viewed across Maryland and the nation as an innovative, high performing school district. However...many stakeholders feel academic achievement at all levels has reached a plateau, organizational alignment to newly mandated initiatives is unclear, technological innovation is desired, and a strong spirit of collaboration and transparency must be embraced."

She told The Baltimore Sun that the changes she's proposing would facilitate "transtioning the school system to a new level."

Jack July 26, 2012 at 12:07 AM
"The salary range is $105,536 to $192,548"....."Personnel adjustments will save the school system $20,000 annually" The BOE is supposed to ask can it be done better or cheaper not yell yay we saved 20K. This is a joke and what happens when you hire people like Foose with no experience, overpay them and say run with it. Let me describe our plateau and transparency for you. Just look at the 26% of our graduates we send to HCC. 70% need remedial education and in 4 years only 11% will graduate. That means of the 1,000 + children who start there each year only about 110 will ever graduate, the rest will leave Howard county in debt. There is the truth to the plateau you bought into.
Jack July 26, 2012 at 12:14 AM
Want to save even more in the hcpss? Want to save a cool quarter million dollars? We don't need a superintendent and a deputy superintendent. Want to see how easy it is, Foose or Perkins, Perkins or Foose, somebody flip a coin.


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