Scenes From the Washington Nationals' Season Opener

Fans flocked to Nationals Park Monday for the start of the regular season—and were treated to a win.

The Washington Nationals won their home opener against the Miami Marlins with a score of 2-0, thanks to Bryce Harper's two home runs. The Nationals started their 2013 Major League Baseball season with Stephen Strasburg on the mound and enthusiasm buzzing in the stands.

Before the game began, Allen Hewitt, a DC resident, was waiting for his buddy to arrive. The two always go to the home opener together.

"I haven't missed an opener since they've been back," said Hewitt, who also "vaguely remembers" attending a game at Griffith Stadium. 

Hewitt said this year he is looking for "consistency" from his Washington Nationals after last year's injuries.

Billy Jones brought his daughter, Courtney, and son, Tyler, to DC from Carroll County, Md. Courtney is a big Bryce Harper fan.

Billy Jones said he was just excited about being part of the atmosphere of a home opener.

Victoria and Tom Healy of Alexandria, Va. were waiting outside the stadium sipping coffees before the game started.

"We're huge Nats fans," Victoria said.

Though she said they have bit of a Nats vs. Orioles rivalry: when the Washington Nationals play the Baltimore Orioles, she roots for the Orioles.

And what about the World Series buzz for the Nats this year?

"If it was an older team, I'd be worried about it," said Hewitt.

He said he bets the Nats are getting a kick out of having their name mentioned, but he's not worried about any jinx with the World Series mention.

"We're a young team," Hewitt said.

Have photos from the April 1 home opener of the Washington Nationals? Upload them to our photo gallery above!


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