Data Spell Out Depth of Foreclosure Crisis in Prince George's

The north end of the county has generally fared better, but more than 4 percent of homes received notices last quarter in some towns.


Data from the second quarter of 2012 spell out the depth of the housing crisis across much of Prince George's County, with more than 4 percent of homes in some zip codes receiving foreclosure notices between April and June of this year.

The figures, published by Maryland’s Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation and compiled into an interactive map by NeighborhoodInfo DC, show particularly high rates in a band running through the center of the county.

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 Hardest-hit is zip code 20747 (Forestville), where 4.95 percent of homes received a notice of intent to foreclose from a bank in Q2. Close behind it are zip code 20716 (Bowie) at 4.34 percent and zip code 20785 (Landover) at 4.11 percent.

While Laurel zip code 20707, including West Laurel, the City of Laurel and parts of South Laurel, ranked low in the number of foreclosures in Prince George's County, the area had some of the highest past-due notice rates in the county-- at about 74 days past due as the average.

Measured by amount to cure—or the median amount that loans are behind when a notice is received—zip code 20613 (Brandywine) tops the list at $7,044. Mount Rainier is also deeply affected, with a median cure amount of $6,053.

Towns at the north end of the county tended to fare better. In Q2, just 1.10 percent of homes received a notice in zip code 20740 (College Park), along with 2.46 percent in 20737 (Riverdale Park/East Riverdale) and 1.42 percent in zip code 20782 (Hyattsville/University Park).

Click for a roundup of local figures, visit NeighborhoodInfo DC for an interactive map of the data, and check out the Urban Institute's MetroTrends Blog for more on foreclosures in Prince George's County.


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