The 2012 election was not about having divided government! It was about trust

The 2012 election was not about having divided government!  It was about trust. This is the miscalculation of the GOP and the ever growing tea party in the GOP.  I contend that the reason the election turned out the way it did was the American people did not trust one party in charge. They wanted things to balance out and slow down as far as government expansion.

Elections are won based on sound bites and perceptions, this is because most of the time the American people are too busy to dive into the facts as to what is going on within any policy that is being pushed by a political party or lobbyist.

Obama Care is not going to be the hot topic in 2014. The hot button issues will be women rights, and voting rights. In North Carolina massive demonstrations are staring to brew and Texas is starting to have a shakeup.  Americans are looking at the tea party and are now starting to question whether or not they can be trusted. The majority of Americans are in the middle when it comes to political issues. Over the course of our history parties have won and lost because one party or the other went too far to the left or right.

The GOP is in a civil war right now and the American are now seeing the future of the far right within the GOP because of the tea party. This will cost GOP alot in the 2014 election.

I have been correct on every National election as far as who wins the White House and Congress Starting in 1977. I predicted last year Obama would win and there would be no shift in the balance of power within the Congress. I am still waiting on a lunch bet that I won. The preacher has not paid up yet. LOL

Unless the GOP comes to grips with the danger of the tea party with in their ranks and flush them out. It will be a long night on November 3rd 2014 for the GOP.

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