Sassy Little Ricco

Ricco is a playful, affectionate Miniature Pinscher mix who will make someone a great companion.


Hi, guys! My name is Ricco and I’m a spunky Min-Pin mix in search of my person. I’m two years old and only weigh about 15 pounds, so I’m a little guy, but I’ve got a lot of spirit. I was rescued out of a shelter in northern Virginia after my owner surrendered me with my pug sibling because he was working long hours and could no longer take care of us. I still don’t get it; we weren’t much trouble and were both very dedicated to him. This whole experience has been really tough on me. I didn't do well being abandoned in the shelter and was terrified of all the noise and commotion. My pug brother has already been adopted, so I sit here and wait for my new family. 

Luckily, my new foster mom, Lisa, really gets me. She lives in a quiet condo and there’s not a lot commotion or activity in her home. I do best in a calm, laid-back environment and am starting to feel safe enough to come out of my shell. I really trust her and she’s giving me the structure and exercise I need to settle in and stay balanced. She takes me on walks every day, and we just started training classes to help with my socialization skills and some basic obedience.

Once I settle in, I’m a sweet, snuggly, and very dedicated companion dog who has a good energy level, but also knows how to just hang out and relax. I love to go on car rides more than just about anything, and will sit by my foster mom’s car to encourage her to take me on a quick trip somewhere. I’m also a great cuddler who loves to sleep on my foster mom’s lap, or crawl into her bed at night with my favorite chipmunk squeaky toy. I’m very attached to my little furry friend and take him everywhere with me. It makes my foster mom laugh, but I don’t see what’s so funny about two pals just hanging out.

In many ways, I’m an easy pup to live with. I’m already potty-trained, know how to sit and shake, and walk pretty well on a leash. I’m not destructive in the house, and my foster mom can leave me uncrated in the house for five or six hours during the day with no issues. I’m pretty laid back about food and take treats gently, and am not one to beg. My foster mom can eat dinner right next to me on the couch and I will respect her space. I’m also pretty good with other dogs in the home, and am used to having a canine companion, as long as they’re cool like me. 

Ok, so no dog is perfect, and I do have a few issues that we are working on. I’m fearful of new people and can be over-protective of my person. I have been known to growl and jump when I first meet you, but my foster mom has learned to correct me, tell me “no,” and after a few minutes I settle down and am fine. I can also be reactive and barky with new dogs when on leash. We are working to fix this behavior, but it’s something my new family will need to be aware of, address, and have some patience with as I learn to be a good dog.

I need an owner who will give me some time to settle in and feel safe in my surroundings, and someone who will work with me on socialization and continue my training. Kids, and the activity that comes with them are not ideal for me, but I would make a great addition to any adult household, either as an "only child" or with other pets. 

To learn more about Ricco, go to the Mutts Matter Adoption Page and fill out an application, or you can contact Suzanne at suzanne@muttsmatterrescue.com


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