Amy Pickwick
A 30-something "Pirate Girl" living in the Owen Brown village of Columbia since 2008.
I love to get out and see the world around me, travel, meet new people, and try out all the new restaurants, breweries, and wineries popping up in the Baltimore-D.C. metropolitian area.  I founded the Maryland Outdoor Club, now over 8,000-members strong, in 2002 and the Atlanta Outdoor Club in 2000, during my short relocation there following my diploma at Salisbury University on Maryland's Eastern Shore, and am still active in both groups. I blog at www.MOCIAPS.com (My Other Car Is A Pirate Ship), which is part of www.HoCoBlogs.com. My friends have dubbed me the "Facetrix" because I work in online marketing and social media. I was born in Georgia, but grew up in Frederick, Maryland.  My family still lives in Georgia after a relocation in 1996, so I do get down to visit a couple of times a year. I really do love Columbia and Howard County ... so I'll be here for a while...
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