Anna Louise Jiongco
Anna Louise Jiongco is a multimedia artist, photographer, writer and instructor based in Baltimore, MD.  She received her BS in painting and drawing from Towson University (2010) and studied photography in the Continuing Studies program of Maryland Institute College of Art (2009).  
Jiongco grew up in NAF Atsugi, Japan and traveled extensively throughout Asia, the United States and Europe.  She then moved to Maryland where she studied art, photography and poetry.  Jiongco has explored the greater Washington and Baltimore metropolitan areas, wavering between small towns, suburbia and the city.  She also travels extensively on the East Coast and has begin documenting her travels on the Atlantic coast. Her motto is that it is not where you are from but where you choose to go that is important.  Her constant travels are an impetus for her need to photograph and document the interactions, expressions, identities and histories of groups of people in particular cultures; tell their stories and illustrate them through photography. Professionally, her art and photographs have been featured in Baltimore’s Urbanite, The Washington Post and The Washington Times.  She also has contributed work to the webzine Beatbots.com and online news publication Patch.com, art and design culture website DesignYouTrust.com, and has curated and promoted events for Baltimore's once Multipurpose Arts venue, the Hexagon Space.  Her work has shown at various alternative art spaces and most recently at the Jordan Faye Contemporary in Baltimore, MD.
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